Dead by Tomorrow

Being Present and Getting Facialized (#64)

September 06, 2022 Dead by Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 64
Being Present and Getting Facialized (#64)
Dead by Tomorrow
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Dead by Tomorrow
Being Present and Getting Facialized (#64)
Sep 06, 2022 Season 1 Episode 64
Dead by Tomorrow

We had an absolute blast with our presence challenge. Food journaling was incredibly insightful, and the daily pictures were really interesting to look back on.

That said, it's time for a new challenge! We've been requested to do a skincare challenge. Find out what products we'll be using, and when we'll be using them. Cross your fingers this ends up fun for the two of us!

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Show Notes Transcript

We had an absolute blast with our presence challenge. Food journaling was incredibly insightful, and the daily pictures were really interesting to look back on.

That said, it's time for a new challenge! We've been requested to do a skincare challenge. Find out what products we'll be using, and when we'll be using them. Cross your fingers this ends up fun for the two of us!

For show notes and more, check out Dead by Tomorrow's Website

Thanks for listening!

Much Love, Fam!

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[00:00:00] Daniel: Hi guys, and welcome to the dead by tomorrow podcast. My name is Daniel winter and my co-host is Andrew Monroe in each episode, Andrew and I will explore topics that you should think about before you die. We encourage you to remember that some tomorrow will be your last, so each day could be your final chance to really


[00:00:20] Andrew: hello, everyone. Welcome back to the show. We are as always thrilled to have you on Daniel. And I have just wrapped up our presence, challenge, and guys, what, what disliked, and then we'll jump this next challenge, which is. Uh, 80% of Aug or, uh, September 80% of September. And like, 10% of October seems to be how we're going.

So, uh, let's give you the August slash 10% September update and jump into the next challenge. So, Daniel, how was your weekend? Everything good.

[00:00:56] Daniel: Everything's good. It was labor day weekend. So spent some time hanging out with the family. My parents came up and we ate some food. We got a lot of Riley time. I played a little, uh, it was, it was basically just like a Frisbee practice. I think it was supposed to be like a showcase game or something like that.

But marketing is not, not the team's strong suit. So there were some passer buys that probably were like, wow, these guys look way too, uh, color coordinated to be playing this stupid sport. They're probably stupid. And then walked on.

[00:01:33] Andrew: So something, when you talked about that, just outta my curiosity, uh, I didn't realize there'd been a name change. When did the name change happen?

[00:01:41] Daniel: Oh, from, from roughneck to Legion.

[00:01:44] Andrew: Yeah, I like Legion. It's cool.

[00:01:46] Daniel: Um, yeah, the name change happened this year. So when the roughnecks were started, it was a, it was like a three part ownership. There were three parties. Um, and then this year, one of the parties bought out the other two parties. Ironically enough, the, one of the parties he bought out was the party that had, you know, all the money.

So money's kind of been tight this year, I suppose. So when, when they bought it out, um, they did a whole like name and brand change. So changed it from roughneck to leg.

[00:02:21] Andrew: Okay. Cool. Well, I listened to that. Uh, wow. I forgot the name already. Uh, man, at arms book. And I, you know, I'm back, I'm back on the, the Legion train. So

[00:02:35] Daniel: that book was excellent. I finished it yesterday. Yep.

[00:02:38] Andrew: Oh, wow. There you 

[00:02:39] Daniel: I did. It was.

[00:02:41] Andrew: What'd you think?

[00:02:42] Daniel: I, I thought it was a really good book. I, I was getting vibes of like the Mandalorian, but I felt like the story was just a lot better.

um, you know, you 

[00:02:54] Andrew: a good, uh, analogy. Yeah, it's totally Mandalorian. Huh?

[00:03:00] Daniel: but yeah, it was, it was good. The ending 

[00:03:02] Andrew: it from 

[00:03:03] Daniel: yeah, the ending was a little, a little more poignant than I expected.

[00:03:08] Andrew: yeah, it was rough. So I enjoyed it though. Very emotional. It was a, it was a darkish book too. Like, yeah, don't come into that book. If anybody's listening and wants to read it, it's. It's not gonna make you feel happy necessarily. Um,

[00:03:22] Daniel: no,

[00:03:23] Andrew: they deal with some stuff. So how did the challenge go for you?

We, we took some pictures, or at least I attempted to take pictures every day. I know you took pictures almost every day, and then we did a food journal. So let's start with the pictures. How did taking pictures go for.

[00:03:37] Daniel: It's it's ironic that you say that. Cuz I, I was gonna come in and confess that the, probably the last, maybe like five days, I just kind. Fell off the picture train. I, I kind of lost some steam. but early on I was, I was going strong. It was, it was fun to try to take different pictures of the things that I was doing.

So we, you know, have things like a lobster boil. I, I took a picture of my chemics just to kind of write about sort of my daily routine, because what, what I tried to do, if I. If I had more time and if I was more thoughtful was I tried to write a little bit more something to go alongside the picture. So my chems had a nice little entry just about like how my, like, I really enjoy my morning routine.

I make coffee and eggs and toast pretty much every morning. I recently got, a scale so I can get a little bit more precise with the coffee making and it's. And I start my day out on a high note every day. And then, you know, as the picture challenge went on, I think my, my last picture was Jake standing on a bench, looking at a tree and it just says cute dog, which he is a cute dog, but

[00:04:49] Andrew: He is

[00:04:50] Daniel: obviously not a lot of thought went into that one.

[00:04:53] Andrew: where's that

picture taken at? That does not look like your house.

[00:04:55] Daniel: no, that I was walking around the neighborhood. There's a neighborhood garden down

[00:05:00] Andrew: Uh, gotcha.

[00:05:02] Daniel: Yeah. So I mean, it. It's one of those things that I now sort of wish I had been more consistent in taking daily pictures. Cuz looking back in the month, that's kind of cool to see like, oh yeah, we did, you know, that lobster boil.

And like it was just this month that I finished my deck project and then, you know, we would did a little family trip to Tyler, Texas seeing some pictures of that and um, you know, did a. Had a Frisbee tournament. We got our jerseys in, we got a team picture. Um, so that was a whole lot of fun. So yeah, it's just, it's definitely meaningful to look back to the month and say, wow, there were a lot of really cool things that happened this month.

[00:05:40] Andrew: So

[00:05:41] Daniel: how'd you feel about the picture challenge?

[00:05:43] Andrew: well, so I, I enjoyed it and it, I have the same thing. I'm just looking back through it and I'm like, wow. That. Less than 30 days go. Holy crap. Uh, there's this quote. I was talking to my dad about just maybe last week, the week before. And the quote is, uh, most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year and underestimate what they can accomplish in five years.

And it's usually business related, but I feel like it also scales down to think a day versus a month. Like you, most of us probably overestimate what we can get done in a day. But most of us also underestimate what gets done in a month. Cause going back to this, I'm like, wow, that was, that was just last month.

And you know, all this different stuff and all. I guess the emotional roller coaster that goes with all these different pictures that I'm seeing. Um, each one had like its little moment. So it was kind of cool. Uh, I definitely did the same as you. Uh, the last few days I did not do as well taking pictures.

Um, I threw one last one up that was just a selfie on the plane with Shami and said's typical photo of Shlomi and I for pretty weak did it while I was driving, uh, doing some errands, um, But other than that, like a lot of 'em same thing I put in some pretty decent anecdotes about the pictures and. I don't know if that gives the pictures more weight or if just the fact that I took the time to, you know, I guess be present and pay attention to what I was looking at and what it meant to me was really interesting.

And, you know, there's, there's some weird stuff in here. You know, I went to Vegas twice this month, which is just wild to me, um, and really sad for my, uh, wallet, but we did that. You know, I had two different moments where, and it was weird because they were pretty close together. Um, but I had one with a para tree where.

My dad had planned it when his dad died. And that was, you know, something I hadn't really thought about in years. And then that kind of led into some scotch. We got, that, um, was said grandfather's favorite scotch. And so we had a little toast with his scotch at one point, um, that was early in the month. Uh, and just some of the stuff, um, Probably the craziest thing for the month, besides my double trip, actually, I'm gonna go with two crazy things.

One, uh, there was a dog that I walked home and, uh, I dunno, a couple weeks ago and walked into the house and she's yelling that she needs help because there's dog in the house. And so IM thinking we're under attack because of. The way she's going about it, but there's this, this little nice, cute dog. And it, and Jasper were just trying to sniff each other without coming too close to each other.

And she had no idea what to do with it. So we spent the rest of the a or evening, I guess, uh, trying to take care of this dog and find its owner. And it was this very winding process. Um, so that was interesting. And then probably the final thing of the pictures that I thought was kinda cool. Um, and again, He doesn't, I didn't do a good job inside that anecdote.

We talked about the notes section of the picture where it's like, Hey, here's all of the feelings I'm thinking about when I'm saying this. But basically there was a talking book that I had never heard of, and that was just. It, it was humbling, which is weird to say like, oh, you didn't know about a book.

Like, but that's kind of my thing sometimes. And especially Toki, there was a Toki book that I, you know, I haven't read all this stuff, but I definitely would've guaranteed. I knew everything he had written. Um, and it was just in its own little list somewhere. So finding out there was this entire book that some people think is his best work he's done, um, existing out there that I had never even heard of was really cool.

And it just. It brought up a whole lot of nostalgia and didn't, you know, it didn't help that rings of power was coming out. And, uh, all the things that Lord of the rings used to make me feel as a kid really kind of came bubbling back to the surface. And, uh, weirdly emotional, I guess, is what I'm getting at.

Like, not like on the ground crying, emotional, but definitely like elevated like nostalgia and. I guess you could almost say like ancient thoughts or memories coming up and like the things that related to seeing the movies the first time, or the first time I read the books or, you know, the first Halloween that I went is something that wasn't an N, which was, I told everybody I was Gimley, but I was actually trying to be AROR, but I wasn't really very good at close reading at the time.

And so I got a little mixed up in my head, which one was Gimley, which one was Airborn. Um, so I had an ax, uh, It's very confusing. So like stuff like that all came up just from this little book that came up and I haven't gotten to read it yet, but it was just cool that there was this book out there that leaf by niggle

Yeah, just by, just by seeing a cover and being like, oh my goodness. And then that, you know, would've been like a Lord of rings. Like, oh yeah. Lord of the rings and I would've kept going, but it was like, wait, what is leaf by Niel? Toki wrote this? Like, is it the sun? Nope. Jr. Are to, and then it just kind of stops you in your tracks and make you just sit there and think like, how does this exist?

Is this a fake, am I not who? I think I am. Like, it was a minor existential crisis. 

[00:10:58] Daniel: Sorry, I'm just, I'm just over here. Googling leaf by Niel. Now

[00:11:03] Andrew: Um, it's short. It's a little so I've, I've got a copy of in my backpack right now. I was really hoping to read it while I was in Vegas, but past weekend, but reading some Sanderson on my phone and had like zero time to read while were like actually in Vegas. And so I just kind of sat there, but I mean, Uh, paper thin.

Well, it's not even a pun. That's just poor choice of words. 

[00:11:31] Daniel: I think it's a pun

[00:11:32] Andrew: its a pun. We'll go with

[00:11:34] Daniel: well added to your.

[00:11:36] Andrew: It's it's really, uh, really, really small from the article that I, that led me to this book. They actually talked about that. This was one of the only things that Toki himself considered. Like some of his best work, because he was like, this is the only thing I've written that actually just came to me. I wrote it down.

I was done, you know, everything else was heavily edited, heavily reworked, you know, massive amounts of time and effort went into writing and rewriting and editing and, and everything with his books. But leaf by Niel was a. Afternoon. He just sat down, wrote it and was done. So it's short enough to be written in an afternoon.

So it's probably short enough to be written in the afternoon, but just wrote it down and he was done. He was like, here, publish this bad boy. And it's supposed to just be really sweet little coming of age story. I think, um, article kind of went into detail on it, but I stopped reading after I probably got a few introductory paragraphs down.

I was like, well, I'm just gonna go read this and I wanna spoil anything.

[00:12:37] Daniel: Nice. I'm gonna definitely check that out. Yeah, I think on the, on the pictures, my big takeaway is that, and, and I, I probably already knew this about myself because every now and then I will go through my phone and look through pictures, but I just need to be a little bit more conscious of trying.

document some of the smaller moments in life and in the big moments in life too. And so I think it's just being more, I, I guess the goal was being more present. Right. Um, but it's, , I don't know. It's a struggle because in the past I've sort of seen taking pictures, taking videos. Not being, as in the moment, it's like, Hey, just enjoy this moment. So I think there's a line that you can cross of.

Um, I remember in college we would just goof around all the time, do silly things, especially Sam and I, and there would be one or two people that instead of just goofing around and like doing the funny dance stuff with us and like being in the midst of it, like they would just film everything on their phones and I would get so mad cuz I would.

Why aren't you participating in like being a part of this? And so I, I think you can, there can be a line of sort of hiding behind the camera in the, in the video. I, something that's probably more relatable to people is going to a concert and everybody just, you know, watching the concert through their phone while they're videoing and taking pictures of things the whole time, instead of just enjoying the concert.

So I think you can definitely take it overboard. Then at the same time, it's nice to leave that concert and have these little snippets where it's like, oh man, that was that song. Like my favorite part of that song, it was so cool to like relive re experience that moment. So yeah, I think that's my over all takeaways.

Just not being too hard on myself about taking some pictures, taking some videos, um, cuz future me will appreciate.

[00:14:34] Andrew: Oh, I think that's a great point on where he might have come up with this idea. Like, Hey, I don't wanna take these pictures cause I do the same thing. It's, you know, Hey, I don't wanna be that person at the concert. That's filming the whole thing. Um, and I don't wanna be the person that's pulling out from the.

Activity, uh, I wanna take pictures, but at the same time it really did kind of show up as this, like, you know, Hey, there's, it's really cool seeing some of this stuff and really it cost practically zero time. Um, I guess technically we could probably attribute 10, 15, maybe 20 minutes through the entire month of, of stopping, taking a picture and then maybe writing a little note about it.

Um, I mean, tiny, tiny amount of time. I think that's where. You kind of need to find that line as one. Is it relationship focused? Is it you trying to, you know, add to the moment or is it you're trying to do something that you hope will, you know, you're taking to impress people and that's where I think the big.

Cut for you and I are for you. And I is, is like, Hey, is this just you trying to make your life look interesting? Is this just for the gram? Is this just for social media and TikTok and everything like that? Are you trying to, you know, Repackage this moment for social kudos down the road, or are you actually trying to enjoy this moment and appreciating it?

And that's why you're taking a picture. And I think as long as you have that, that mindset around like, Hey, this is, this is a really good moment. I'd like to remember this moment. I think that's so cool that we have the ability to take those pictures and the videos and be able to appreciate it down the road.

Because as we've all heard, you. You never know you're in those good times until after they've passed. And I think we'd all wish that we've captured more of the good times. And, and it's not saying that we're not in good times, but right now it's good times. If you're having a great time with your friends, those are going to be the good times down the road.

Whenever that friend passes away or they move away and you'll get to see him again, where you're just older and your knees don't work as well. So making sure that you're using that camera of your. For the right reasons, I think is really where that line is. It's not necessarily a time limit or anything like that.

It's just make sure you're doing stuff for the right reasons, especially when it comes to, you know, relationships and stuff you're doing with your friends or, you know, things that people find meaningful. You know, half my pictures were just architecture or things that other people have done and me appreciating.

But Hey, let's get off the pedestal. Food was the second part of that challenge. what did you think about the food? Uh, you, I'm gonna throw this out there. You were a lot more consistent on eating. Well, just from what I looked at versus what I did, August was a rough month for me. Um, in terms of the clean eating I was hoping to do.

But what did you think about it? Did you learn anything new about your food habits? Anything pop.

[00:17:34] Daniel: So I think the main thing about the food journal is that it caused me to think about everything that I was eating, because I knew that I would need to go and log it in the tracker. And so there'd be moments where I would think like, You know, getting a cookie right now kind of sounds great. Or I don't know, getting a margarita dinner, but then I would think about like, well, I, then I need to log this in here.

And it kind of makes it goes from making this meal, be one where I'm gonna feel good to where I'm gonna feel neutral or I'm gonna feel bad. And so that was definitely interesting is just. Anytime I was eating something then going and writing down what I'm eating and reflecting back on that. And yeah, I, I think I was pretty consistent with eating well at breakfast.

Like I said, I'd eat eggs and some toast, a little bit of jam and coffee nearly every day. So a little bit of sugar from the jam. But aside from that, it's, you know, some whole wheat bread and eggs, so pretty healthy there. Um, Yeah. In terms of dinner and lunches that went well for a lot of the month. Um, cuz Hillary is a really awesome cook and I'm totally cool with eating leftovers pretty much every day.

And since I'm working at home a lot, I don't really have the temptation of going out to eat all that often. Um, now again, I, like I mentioned, I kind of fell off in some of the tracking towards the back half of the month and. Coincidentally or maybe non coincidentally? I, I feel like I've not eaten well this weekend, aside from a meeting at a har Christian temple, that was all like vegan food.

Um, you know, in and out today, barbecue food truck today still have my normal good breakfast, um, like a hole, the wall seafood place yesterday. Uh, so many cookies. So much cake just so many sweets. And so, yeah, I mean, I it's, it's a cyclical thing for sure. So I feel like it, it came in at a, a helpful time, but I guess overall, what I would say is if, if you're somebody that wants to eat a little bit healthier, just start recording what you're eating full stop.

And I think that will actually. Help you to be more conscious of what you're eating and kind of push you towards eating. He.

[00:20:10] Andrew: A hundred percent. I think just the, the fact that you're writing it down, taking pictures of it, thinking about it, your body just kind of. So I was like, Hey, maybe I or not your body, your mind's like, Hey, maybe that canes doesn't sound so great after all, maybe I should try and find something else. That that was kinda where I fell apart was if I was. My discipline was liking because I felt like I was kind of rushed all month, which is kind of a state of being that I'm working on. I still need to read that, uh, the hustle book that you talked about, I actually ran into C who had the book on his desk, was like, oh, Daniel, read that. I need to read it.

Hadn't read it either yet. It's on my list. Need to time for it. The moments when I was, you know, I'd, I'd blow through lunch working or whatever, and like two o'clock would hit and I'd get to kind of a stopping point. And I would just be starving because I'd missed breakfast. And it was, you know, past lunchtime, like two o'clock is just kind of where my, my begins.

And so at that point, like I have to leave because I thought I'm gonna start yelling at people. So I would go and just try and find something to get really. And so I ended up at canes or I ended up getting like, you know, scones or something and it just, it wasn't doing well for me. But by the time that I realized that I was eating canes, I was like, wait, you have to record this in your journal to be like, man, now I've gotta put canes again on the journal.

Dang it. And I'd be so upset, but like, Because I wasn't giving myself enough time to even think I would be making bad decisions before. Like, just in, I'm not gonna say instinctually, but I was following bad habits. I've developed where it's like, I'll really quick, takes 15, 20 minutes round to get there, get food hungry anymore.

So that was one of the big problems I had. Uh, I think the fix for that would be better planning and better. You know, stacking of what I'm going to eat throughout the week, having breakfast would probably have been a good start because that would also fix probably the hang group problems where it's like, you just need to eat something before you turn into the Hulk.

So I was really bad about that. I was really planning on trying to have protein shakes every morning for breakfast, but I just, I would get to the office at seven 30. Think I'm gonna have a protein shake or something for breakfast. Maybe some of the snacks I keep in the drawer and. Then the day would start before anybody before it was forced, excuse me, before it was supposed to every time.

And then the next thing you know, it's two o'clock and I'm, you know, just dead. So, uh, that was a bit of a struggle. Uh, travel was really hard for me too. I mentioned we went to Vegas twice. This month also went to Lubbock for a weekend. So, uh, I probably was in town for one weekend of August. And I'm sure I didn't behave myself for the one weekend because I was probably exhausted and excited.

I'll have to go back through the calendar, actually figure out which weekend that was, but, um, probably didn't do well there either. And you know, it was just, it really screwed up my ability to plan for the week and my ability to eat clean and eat the way I wanted to. Cause we'd be somewhere I'm like, well, You know, I'm in a different city.

I'm not in Amarillo. How can I not order 12 people's worth of food to eat in one sitting, obviously. So, uh, that was a, that was a bit of a struggle for me. I had some really good food. Honestly, there was some stuff that made me feel good and it tasted great. Um, But I also had plenty of stuff that I definitely should have eaten.

So it was a bit give or take, but I think my biggest takeaway to wrap up this, uh, little challenge explanation was I kind of had this feeling that Kanes like was messing with me, but I mean, it was legitimately making me feel awful afterwards. I thought it was just like a mental fog maybe. Um, but like I realized after four or five canes meals, this August, I was actually like getting like borderline allergic reaction.

Like my throat would be like itchy and hard to talk after I'd be like coughing up flim. so canes is like out, out like it . And even knowing that I still got it like a couple more times, like, well, maybe that was a fluke and I was just having some allergies and fluke a week later, I'm eating canes. I'm like, wait, I know better.

Oh, did reinforcing some habits gonna be difficult but necessary?

[00:24:35] Daniel: Yeah, no, that's fair. And I, so obviously there's the Cannes thing. Do you feel like there are any other habits that throughout the food journaling that you formed or things that you saw that you wanna change to have a healthier eating dynamic going forward?

[00:24:53] Andrew: Yeah. So this was something that I found was a little interesting for me. Um, If you were to ask me like, Hey Andrew, do you usually eat breakfast? I'd be like, yeah. I usually probably eat breakfast. I just don't necessarily plan. I don't have anything set in stone, but you look at the month and I don't eat breakfast.

And there was this, this pattern emerged where I'm skipping breakfast, uh, semi unintentionally, I'm having a couple coffees, which I didn't put into the food journal. So I just left coffee out. Cause I've been like. Quintuple the entries, uh, per day so, uh, but I'd have coffee in the morning and then I would almost every single day.

Just not make a conscious effort to have food until it like built up into being a problem. And then I'd overeat. And even with the overeating at lunch, having canes or having something I'd feel bad by the time dinner came around, I'm still in a Calor deficit to an extent, and not by much but enough that I'm hungry by dinner time.

And then I'd have dinner and dessert and. At that point, I blow through any, you know, balance on my calories for starters, but also I would just, I would feel gross to my stomach. Like I was, I was overeating because I was shoving too much into two meals. Uh, I think one of the big takeaways for me on that pattern was I really need to make a focus on making sure I'm having a good, decent breakfast.

Not really sure when I stopped doing that, but, uh, it was a little bit problematic then. Snacking. All of my snacks were unhealthy. Like literally every single one of them, I did not have a healthy snack. Uh, it's something I need to probably work on replacing with apples or some kind of fruit or something like that, you know, heck of peanut butter and jelly sandwich really would be better than half the candy and stuff I was eating.

So that was another interesting pattern that I didn't really like going forward. Would've expected to record like, oh yeah, you eat candy like once a day, every other day or so, but, um, yeah, kinda interesting. I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing. Daniel is what I'm saying. I'm letting momentum take me away.

[00:27:02] Daniel: Yeah, no, I, I think that's the big advantage of the journaling is you realize how much you feel like something is just every now and then, and then you see holy cow. I never eat breakfast or I'm eating candy every day. I was trying to look through. And like I said, this, this past month was, was a pretty solid month.

I mean, some of it may, maybe it depends on like your definition of eating. Well, like for me, if I'm just eating some pretzels and a protein shake as a snack, I consider that a good snack. It's not, it's not anything like super sugary or whatever. Um, but yeah, and I. I know though, and I, I didn't record it, but I know my bad snacks in the past, probably five days.

I would imagine quadruple the bad snacks that I had for the month while I was recording. So yeah, writing it down really works. Wonder.

[00:28:09] Andrew: Yeah, well, and that's, that's good. You know, most of the stuff I did, it was also like the snacking was also in those moments where like, I basically blanked out. Until I got some food in me and it's like, ah, man, did it again. Got those Reeses

[00:28:24] Daniel: Yeah, yeah. So, I mean, that's where it's like the, the meal routines can be beneficial. Not necessarily just waiting until you eat because, or until you're hungry, because if you wait until you're hungry, It's more likely you make a bad decision. 


[00:28:41] Andrew: absolutely. It's so easy to justify stuff whenever you want it. like, but if I'm, if I had a protein shake or a double scoop of protein shaking me and I was like, I should have canes. I'm like, eh, that's a bad choice. Let's not do that. Cause honestly, almost every day I wanted canes, but you could see the days that I did do better were almost always the days that I had a protein. And those were that it's like, oh, I have enough self control because I'm not just ravenous that I, that I can choose for myself and not just completely justify eating a pizza at lunch or ordering burgers on Uber eats, you know, whatever it was. There was lots of bad decisions. Thorough rock you'll hit one.

So definitely eating with a plan is better than not.

[00:29:24] Daniel: totally. 

[00:29:26] Andrew: All 


[00:29:27] Daniel: skincare?

[00:29:28] Andrew: Let's get into it. Let's get into skincare for the female audience, uh, per at least one female audience member's request. And I don't know if there's others, uh, Shlomi may be on her own, but she specifically asks that I keep in mind or female audience and we should do a skincare challenge. So here we are challenge number, I believe seven.

Are we at eight? I guess this would be eight challenge number. Is going to be a skincare routine. So I already kind of know what I'm gonna do. What are you gonna do? What, what you gonna change?

[00:30:03] Daniel: I am not completely sure yet because I fairly recently, um, got this skincare sort of care package for. I'm trying to look up the it's it's called T Hanley. And I guess they're a partner for the, a UDL, which is the professional Frisbee league. And so they gave all of the players, this skincare box thing with like a face wash and moisturizer.

So I've been doing that. And to me it feels like, wow, I, I have a skincare routine now. Asking me to do more than that. I, I don't know. I need to think about it. Um, so maybe, maybe I'll do this, uh, this, this tea Handly group a favor, since they gave me some free stuff, maybe I'll see what else they have. And since I'm just doing a morning routine, maybe they've got something for a nighttime routine and I'll.

Give that a try and aside from that, I wear so much more sunscreen than I used to. That's probably one of the best things you can honestly do is if you're out in the sun a lot, which I am, uh, liberally applying sunscreen.

[00:31:17] Andrew: I'm so glad you mentioned that. Cause I was, I was about to get on my pedestal as well about sunscreen. I was like, man, I am, I am not the right person to be preaching about this. Um but that's, that's everything I've seen. Uh, sunscreen is so incredibly important. Did one of the things in your morning routine, like be like a SPF moisturizer.

[00:31:38] Daniel: It is.

[00:31:40] Andrew: Perfect. That that is from what I understand from men's health magazine and other moments of clarity, thinking about skincare on the internet, uh, the single best thing can do is that SPF moisturizer every single day. Um, Personally, I'm going to be doing face wash. Let me actually get off the pedestal.

We're going backwards here. We're gonna go Neanderthal. I hate face wash face wash. See, can't even say it. I hate it so much. Drives me insane. It always gets my eyes. No matter how hard I try, that's gonna probably be my biggest change. I'm gonna try and use face wash and I'm, I'm pissed about it. Honestly. I hate it.

I hate it so much. So I'll be trying to use some face wash. Every morning and every night, and then I've got a SPF moisturizer that I'll be using every day. That has actually been something I've done pretty well, especially since going bald. Uh, and then I've got some night stuff where it gets a little weird to me, but there's like ice cream and a nighttime moisturizer that feels really thick and different.

Um, some exfoliating cream that I'm supposed to use every couple of days. So I'm gonna try and do all this. Partly for the face, but also apparently I've gotta do it all over my head. Something I was reading on the plane back yesterday, so I'm gonna treat the face and the head as the same thing and really try and get that good face wash moisturization protocol going and probably do an morning and evening routine.

And I'll try and post some before and after pictures and see if there's any difference. But, uh, I guess we'll see, I hope the girls really enjoy this. And honestly, I hope everybody enjoys it. I hope at least the one female appreciates our attempted listening 

but I hope 

[00:33:31] Daniel: one's for you. Shalom. 

[00:33:32] Andrew: Yeah. This is for her interesting. It's nothing I've ever really put much thought towards. And honestly, I've resisted to a fair extent, um, which is probably not healthy, but here we are. 

So you gonna do anything. Are you just gonna track, you know, Hey, this is what I did every day, basically. Same thing as a resident, trying to hit some daily stuff or, you know, are you gonna do anything wild attempt a, a spa day with a face exfoliation and a skin peel? 

[00:34:03] Daniel: You know, skin, skin peel sounds terrifying and awful. So anything with chemical in it? No, I'm not gonna do that. I'll like I said, I'll add something as far as like a nighttime routine. And I think I'll, I'll obviously take a picture here in a moment. I'm a little sunburn, so this will work out well, cuz at the beginning of the month I'll be like, oh, he looks a little bit like a tomato.

And then at the end of the month, I'll not have a Frisbee tournament for a week or so. So I'm sure I'll look. Um, so I don't really need to do anything is what I'm getting at, but no, I'll, I'll try to take, um, some pictures throughout. I'm curious to see if there's really gonna be all that much of a difference in a month, but we'll see maybe.

[00:34:52] Andrew: So I actually did one of the chemical scary things. Shlomi got me a facial for my birthday, I think two years ago, at some point. And I went in, did this facial and. I'm not gonna lie. I came out very relaxed. It was a very pleasant experience and my face felt weird. If that makes sense. Like, it felt very different.

Um, plump even like plump, not, not, not in the fat way, plump and the like filled with vigor kind of plump. Uh, it was uncanny. I'm just gonna put that there. It was well worth the experience, honestly, like I definitely felt different, looked somewhat different. So, uh, that, that is probably something I'll try and book up for this month.

If I can find a free day, I'll probably go do that as well. And try and supercharge this, uh, health routine on my face. Especially now that I'm bald. I think I definitely had hair last time. So I wonder if they'll do my whole head, uh, get man, when you shave your head, this is, this is TMI for everybody, including you, Daniel.

But when you shave your head down, uh, you find a lot more pimples than you, uh, generally expect to be hiding under your hair. And even that that's not just the first time, every time all I have. Like a of hair, like I'll shave my head, like Friday, shave my head again today, new pimples that I even see under my like five o'clock shadow of a head.

And it's just like, what is happening under there? Uh, it's weird. So, you know, it might be worthwhile.

[00:36:36] Daniel: Yeah, I know I've got pimples in my head. I can feel them. I will be combating the Michael Jordan until the bald spot appears. And then I'll be right there. I'll be right there with you and Brett, we'll be bald brothers except I'll have a mustache.

[00:36:52] Andrew: And I have a mustache every once in a while with this, so I get it. Um, it's, it's super freeing to be bald though. If anybody, you know what let's, anybody listening that wants to shave their head? Give me a hollerer. It is phenomenal. I. Almost every day still. And it's been like nine months and I'm still almost every day like, oh, this is the best decision of my life. this is, it feels so good. But, uh, anyways, well, you'll get there. You'll probably wish you would've done it sooner, but uh, whenever you're ready, man, you let me know. I got you. 

[00:37:29] Daniel: fair. 

[00:37:30] Andrew: I might even, I might even take the razor for you. Well, right guys, that's it for now. Uh, keep. Up with the website. That's where we'll have all of the information for this last challenge you can find.

At the old episode, we'll have a little link in the new episode show notes as well, but going forward, you'll see the challenge. Number eight, facial. We'll just call it the facial. This that'll be really weird to say out loud, but that's what we're gonna do. Keep up with us and we'll try and you guys update on how it goes and if Daniel and I, uh, magically turn into beautiful men.

So until next time we look forward to connecting with you.